Vance Large Ginger Jar


  • Image of Vance Large Ginger Jar
  • Image of Vance Large Ginger Jar
  • Image of Vance Large Ginger Jar
  • Image of Vance Large Ginger Jar

Vance is the most ornate glaze design an any jar currently offered. No matter which way you turn this large jar you will see a new side to Vance. The base color on the outside is a grey-blue with cobalt speckles. Over that glaze is a myriad of cobalt, black and green. Thanks to the molten temps in the kiln these glazes interact in such a way that they drip and run down the form of the jar. Vance's finial and inside are cobalt blue. This jar measures 5" wide by 9" tall.

Hand wash only. Safe for food storage. Do not microwave.

The uses of this jar are endless. It would be a great place to store a treasure that needs safe keeping such as your favorite piece of jewelry, found items such as stones and shells or pieces of candy you're keeping for future consumption. This jar could also be a unique urn used as a resting place for a member of your family who have passed on. In creating each jar I have considered every option when making the decisions for form and glaze so that each is as unique as the item or memory being kept safe inside.

My jar sizing is as follows:
Mini Jars are less than 3" x 3".
Small Jars are larger than 3" x 3" and smaller than 5" x 5".
Medium Jars are larger than 5" x 5" and smaller than 7" x 7".
Large Jars are larger than 7" x 7" and smaller than 9" x 9".
Extra Large Jars are larger than 9" x 9'.
If any measurement of the jar (width or height) falls in to a larger category I put it in the higher category.

I have tried to capture and reproduce the colors for each piece as close as possible to original. Each and every screen may cause the item to appear slightly different based on many factors. If you are ever in doubt about color or size, reach out ([email protected])! I'll be glad to take more photos or a video.

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Sami Large Ginger Jar
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